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Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.
Amount Awarded:
Project Title:
Coeymans Wetland Mapping Project
Environmental Health and Toxics Fund, 2021
Environmental Health and Toxics ; Habitat / Wilderness / Preservation ; Water Resources / Watershed Protection
Nationwide; Northeast
Project Description:

The proposed project would investigate whether there has been wetland in-filling due to the development activities at the Port of Coeymans and Coeymans Industrial Park over the last 15 years. Coeymans Creek is a tributary of the Hudson River in Albany County, New York. In 2006, Carver Laraway opened the Port of Coeymans and in 2012 founded the Coeymans Industrial Park.

Previously, the Rose Foundation has generously funded Clearwater’s investigation into stormwater pollution and its impacts in the lower Coeymans Creek; the results of which have been assembled into a published report for the community and are posted on the Clearwater website.

While completing Clearwater’s Coeymans Creek Project, information emerged that suggested that may have been significant topographical changes to the area without proper authorization and analysis of the water quality impacts. This proposed project would supplement Clearwater’s previous work and create a more thorough understanding of the environmental and water impacts in that area. This proposed project may yield information that could facilitate Clearwater and its partners’ efforts to secure remediation for the environmental damages that have occurred in the area.

Clearwater has developed the attached scope of work with Ricardo López-Torrijos, a stormwater mapping professional, who would be contracted to complete the proposed project if funding is secured. A detailed outline of the project and its costs can be found in the attached scope of work.