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Bike Bakersfield
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Project Title:
E-Bikes for East and Southeast Bakersfield Loan-to-Own Transportation Program
Kern County Air Pollution Mitigation Fund, 2022
Planning ; Environmental Education
Central Valley
Kern County
Project Description:

E-Bikes for East and Southeast Bakersfield is a loan-to-own electric bicycle education and encouragement program designed to engage residents of some of the most disadvantaged, transit-isolated communities in active transportation and air pollution mitigation strategies. Program participants are loaned a free electric bicycle, commuting accessories, and safety equipment for one year while documenting a minimum of 30 miles per week traveled, participating in in-depth interviews, and attending a series of workshops taught by local industry professionals and group rides to maximize confidence and the ability to replace vehicle trips with an electric bicycle trip. E-bikes for East and Southeast Bakersfield provides a free, reliable form of transportation for low-income individuals, and it will build solidarity and collective knowledge of active transportation options and air pollution mitigation within some of the most underserved and underrepresented communities in Bakersfield, California