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Central California Asthma Collaborative
Amount Awarded:
Project Title:
Reducing Asthma and Air Pollution in Homes and Schools (RAAPHS)
Kern County Air Pollution Mitigation Fund, 2022
Planning ; Environmental Education
Central Valley
Kern County
Project Description:

CCAC will collaborate with one or more school districts in Kern County to implement a school-based air monitoring network, an indoor (classroom) air pollution mitigation intervention, collaborate with school district staff to develop air pollution and air monitoring curriculum for middle school STEM students and establish a community steering committee to educate and engage the general public about air pollution health effects, sources and mitigation strategies. CCAC will also work with school district health services and Kern County’s managed care health plans (Kern Family Health Care, Health Net, Kaiser) to identify children and adults with asthma who live in low-income and disadvantaged communities. At-risk asthmatics will be enrolled in CCAC’s Comprehensive Asthma Remediation and Educational Services (CARES) Program, which provides in-home asthma education and environmental remediation to reduce exposures to asthma triggers, like air pollution, inside the home.