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Central California Environmental Justice Network
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The FLIR Project – Finding Leaks Impacting Residents
Kern County Air Pollution Mitigation Fund, 2022
Environmental Education
Central Valley
Kern County
Project Description:

This project will reduce planet-warming and health-harming pollutants from leaking oil infrastructure in Kern County. To accomplish this, CCEJN will enhance its technical capacity to proactively identify and report leaks to ensure a timely response from regulatory agencies. CCEJN will simultaneously conduct culturally appropriate outreach and education to residents living fence line to oil and gas operations and involve interested residents in community enforcement and air monitoring projects. CCEJN will also work with public health experts to develop a Strategic Inspection Plan that will prioritize community inspections of wells within 3,200 feet of homes or schools. Considering the recent and ongoing crisis of leaking oil wells in Bakersfield, and our leaders’ failure to implement a proactive approach to address it, we believe this project is essential to keep oil infrastructure from poisoning our frontline communities and exacerbating climate change.