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City Fruit
Amount Awarded:
Project Title:
Community Outreach and Youth Education Program
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2022
Environmental Health & Justice ; Environmental Education
Central Puget Sound
King County
Project Description:

Since our founding in 2008, City Fruit has worked with public lands managers and private tree owners to harvest and secure access to pesticide-free, healthy fruit, reducing food waste and climate impacts while providing access to sustainably grown, local foods. A community-based organization, City Fruit cares for urban fruit tree systems and harvests ~40,000 pounds of fruit annually from fruit trees on public and private land. Through our partnerships with 25+ food banks, community organizations, and meal programs, we provide access to this local, organically-grown fruit for 25,000 families and individuals who may lack access to fresh fruit.

Our Community Outreach and Education Program cultivates fruit tree stewards and environmental champions in hands-on environmental education and volunteer opportunities that help youth and adults connect to their communities, develop an appreciation of the land, and contribute to a sustainable food system. These opportunities are hosted as one-day and multi-week educational workshops, and generally run 2-4 hours. We tailor activities to fit different ages and group sizes (from 5 to 45 participants) and use Seattle’s urban orchard ecosystems as sites to center on various themes related to orchards, their care, and their impact. Some of these themes include Water Systems and Storm Water Management; Soil Layers; Orchard Biodiversity and Fruit Guilds; Carbon Cycle; Invasive Plants and Pests, and Food Justice & Fruit Diversion. This project utilizes two orchards in West Seattle as spaces to discuss orchard and storm water management and tree impact on local waterways. We will connect how individual homes and local parks can contribute to a hyperlocal food system that reduces climate impacts while restoring water systems to native conditions for river and sound health. Funds will support the development of this programming and the engagement of the local community in the care and understanding of resources in their neighborhood.