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Del Amo Action Committee
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Environmental Justice Educational Program: Protecting Our Water through Stormwater Management
Los Angeles Community Water Justice Grants Program, 2022
Los Angeles Area (incl. Orange County)
Los Angeles; Los Angeles County
Project Description:

Our overarching goal is to create the opportunity for our grassroots groups to engage in solution oriented discussions around stormwater runoff issues and ways to empower our communities to take action at the local individual level, which we would hope leads to larger projects like “green street” concepts that could enhance buffer zones around our venerable communities.
The effectiveness of our network is in its collaborative process with each other and agencies charged with water infrastructure like the Water Replenishment District. We recognize the great value of community “boots on the ground” and our ability to see from a view invisible to others.
We will draw on the research being conducted on watershed management so we can prepare our educational materials to be current and relevant. This work is timely and relevant because agencies need to partner with environmental justice communities to truly understand impacts occurring there. This project will provide capacity building opportunities for many areas in Los Angeles. We have a good concept of areas we wish to focus on and will need to verify this direction with the groups that self-select to work on this project.