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Earthrise Law Center at Lewis & Clark College
Amount Awarded:
Project Title:
Tomorrow’s Advocates for Puget Sound
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2022
Water Resources/Watershed Protection ; Environmental Education
Project Description:

Earthrise Law Center (Earthrise) maximizes our impact through the work of talented and committed law students, who play a vital role at Earthrise by participating in all phases of our work. Our Tomorrow’s Advocates program enables select Lewis & Clark law students to work full-time as law clerks with Earthrise Law Center during the summer months or part-time during the school year. This program exists to close the gap between the number of well-funded private and government attorneys who work to protect the status quo by developing legal advocates with quality environmental education, intense mentorship, and hands-on legal training while simultaneously engaging in cases that directly protect the environment, including Puget Sound.

Student law clerks gain significant experience in public interest environmental litigation and advocacy through drafting legal memos, pleadings and motions; conducting legal research; formulating arguments and strategy; and participating in client meetings and other communications and outreach. They also gain exposure to many pressing environmental issues of our time, and work closely with us to strategically use the legal system to right environmental wrongs.