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Fresnoland Media
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General Support
Funding Partnerships, 2022
Central Valley; California
Fresno County
Project Description:

To support Fresnoland Media and its work reporting on critical land use and groundwater issues in the San Joaquin Valley. Fresnoland is a policy and media lab focused on producing explanatory and investigative journalism that will bring about stronger civic engagement and a better central San Joaquin Valley for all residents. Under this grant, the Fresnoland Lab at the Fresno Bee will focus reporting on the Fresno City Council, the Clovis City Council, and the Fresno and Madera County Boards of Supervisors regarding growth, general plans, resource allocation, and the use of public lands. Coverage will help the audience and community better understand how these land use decisions affect their daily lives – from water availability to housing affordability to public service access, especially in lower-income and working class neighborhoods. When possible, coverage will hold decision-makers accountable for the implications of their choices and when there are questionable conflicts of interest with developers or other interested parties.