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Los Cerritos Wetlands Land Trust
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Project Title:
Los Cerritos Wetlands Water Quality Monitoring Program
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2022
Water Resources / Watershed Protection ; Habitat / Wilderness / Preservation ; Climate Change and Energy ; Land Management / Urban Sprawl / Open Space
Los Angeles Area (incl. Orange County)
Los Angeles County ; Orange County
Project Description:

Zedler Marsh is a remnant tidal salt marsh within the Los Cerritos Wetlands (LCW) at the mouth of the San Gabriel River (SGR) on the boarder of Long Beach and Seal Beach, California. Zedler Marsh is one of two locations where the river supports tidal wetlands. Plantings of Pacific cordgrass were performed in 2012, 2018, 2020 and 2022 and have been key in trapping nutrients, pollutants and sediments from the watershed. A water quality monitoring program began in 2018 to measure this plant’s positive impacts on water quality in the SGR as well as Zedler Marsh. The program has since expanded to monitor water quality for reasons other than measuring the affects of cordgrass on water quality. The focus has shifted to understand 1) the impact of once-through-cooling by upstream power generating stations on this wetlands complex and the SGR and 2) the quality of the tidal water that will be used to restore the Southern Los Cerritos Wetlands. We propose to continue the water quality monitoring program at the 10 sampling stations in LCW and SGR and add monitoring of 5 new locations across the entire LCW complex and historical SGR watershed. The new locations will include at 4 stations in Alamitos Bay and 1 new station on the SGR near the outfall of the LADWP Haynes Generating Station. Furthermore, we intend to collect data at several existing piezometers located within the Southern Los Cerritos Wetlands Restoration Project area.