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Orca Conservancy
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Green-Duwamish River | Soos Creek Basin Stewardship Program
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2022
Water Resources/Watershed Protection ; Environmental Health & Justice ; Environmental Education ; Habitat/Wilderness/Preservation
Central Puget Sound
King County
Project Description:

Since 1996, Orca Conservancy (OC) has worked on behalf of Orcinus orca, by, in part, protecting and restoring the wild places on which it depends. We work to ensure that the critically endangered population of Southern Resident orcas has wild, healthy salmon throughout their entire range. OC looks to improve the ecological function of the Soos Creek basin – home to endangered Chinook salmon, the preferred salmon species which makes up 85% of SRKWs diet.

The purpose of this proposed restoration project is to plant shade-producing native trees and shrubs adjacent to Soos Creek to provide shade which will eventually moderate overly-warm stream temperatures. These high stream temperatures consistently exceed State standards for salmon spawning and incubation, and for juvenile rearing. Salmon use is likely limited by these high-water temperatures. The native plants can also provide fish habitat within the riparian zone of the stream such as food (insect) production, and eventually, instream wood which improves rearing opportunities for Chinook salmon.

Orca Conservancy will be closely coordinating this work in partnership with the Green River Coalition (GRC) who will provide in-depth training and support throughout the Program. Numerous volunteers will be provided from OC and GRC’s volunteer databases, and from our long-standing partnership with the Seattle Seawolves.

This project will be managed by our executive director, who will perform grant management, community outreach, and additional fundraising.