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Heron’s Nest Soil and Water Contamination Cleanup and Bioswale Construction
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2022
Water Resources/Watershed Protection ; Environmental Health & Justice ; Environmental Education ; Habitat/Wilderness/Preservation ; Land Management/Urban Sprawl/Open Space
Central Puget Sound
King County
Project Description:

We are requesting funding to support the creation of a series of bioswales to bolster the existing native plant communities, and direct standing water through more of our site. Our project will improve the water quality of Puget Creek which is a small tributary to the Duwamish River. The bioswale and aquaponics we create will help keep water inputs more consistent in the summer by increasing some low shade, bolstering the fungal communities in the soil, and helping to rebuild some of the top soil that was scraped away for urban development and that now washes away off the top without as much of a diverse plant community to help retain the soil. In the winter the swale will help direct and disperse water and reduce the erosion of soil through the hydrological changes and because we will remove invasives and bolster the indigenous plant communities at the top of the hillsides.
We will also use some of the money to conduct water and/or soil tests to ensure there is no lingering contamination from past land uses on site and to measure our impact. We had intended to include some money in the budget for this grant for removal of contaminants that were dumped in the soil in the 1970’s, but we recently received documents that were submitted to the department of ecology in 2006 showing wider clean soil test results than we were previously aware of. If the tests we take now are consistent, we will proceed immediately with the hydrological and ecological restoration projects.