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Vashon Nature Center LLC
Amount Awarded:
Project Title:
Vashon Marine Stewardship Project
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2022
Water Resources/Watershed Protection
South Puget Sound
King County ; Kitsap County ; Pierce County
Project Description:

Vashon Island’s 54 miles of rural shoreline and adjacent marine waters provide an oasis for sea life in heavily urbanized central Puget Sound. Home to Maury Island State Aquatic Reserve and containing half of the undeveloped shoreline in King County, proper use and care of island habitats is extremely important for local well-being and for Puget Sound health.
Yet, as an unincorporated area, the island has no central governance or decision-making authority. People here care about their home waters but sometimes disagree about uses or don’t know who to ask about best practices. In addition, sometimes regional values conflict with local values. Use of island marine areas and shorelines are increasing. More people are enjoying clamming, squidding and fishing here; entrepreneurs are putting forth applications for kelp farms and shellfish farms, and as waterfront house values increase and sell, new owners must learn how to be good shoreline stewards. In order to participate in sound decision-making, locals need timely information and connections to managing entities (like Washington Department of Natural Resources, Puyallup Tribe & King County).
Vashon Nature Center is a community-based non-profit. We foster stewardship of nature through community science, research and education. For the past 10 years we have built agency connections, research projects, and rapport with our community. We now find ourselves in a unique position to significantly improve stewardship of marine and shoreline environments. We seek funding from Rose Foundation to help kick start a Marine Stewardship Project to engage community members in hands-on research about the state of shoreline and marine ecosystems, deliver education about marine topics, and foster connections between local residents and the plethora of managing agencies responsible for the health of these areas. Our goal is to promote richer, more efficient, place-based stewardship to ensure clean, healthy and thriving waters for all.