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Wild Farm Alliance
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Project Title:
Protecting Water Quality with Field Edge Habitat on San Joaquin County Farms
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2022
Habitat / Wilderness / Preservation
Central Valley
San Joaquin County
Project Description:

Wild Farm Alliance’s work is centered around helping farms thrive with nature, and the funding will be used support San Joaquin County growers to implement practices that protect water quality and build resilient farms. San Joaquin County is among the top four California counties for pesticide use and more than 13 million pounds are applied there annually. The group will work directly with growers to install hedgerows, windbreaks, and other climate friendly agriculture practices. These field edge plantings have numerous water quality benefits such as reducing nonpoint source pesticide pollution, improving infiltration, and increasing nutrient retention. The plantings also reduce erosion, noise levels, and improve air quality from fugitive dust, and these co-benefits resonate with many farmers’ interests. The grant funding will also support the creation of a digital map that identifies farms that have already implemented field edge habitat. The group will use the map to showcase the growing movement of farmers incorporating conservation practices to inspire other growers. The outreach component of the project will focus on building relationships with members of California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF), the Almond Board of California, and the California Walnut Commission, since almonds and walnut are among the most common crops grown in San Joaquin County. Wild Farms Alliance’s extensive experience in agricultural biodiversity conservation and recent programmatic work creating videos and working directly with growers throughout the state puts the group in an ideal position to successfully accomplish these goals.