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Californians for Pesticide Reform
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Kern Deserves Safe Air for All
Kern County Air Pollution Mitigation Fund, 2016
Toxics/Environmental Health and Justice
Central Valley
Kern County
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Agricultural pesticides are the 5th greatest source of smog-producing ROGs in the San Joaquin Valley; accounting for as much as 10% of total Valley ROG. Despite pesticides’ major contribution to poor air quality; agricultural interests have avoided full accountability; with lesser targets for ROG/VOC emission reductions set in the San Joaquin Valley than in any of the other 5 nonattainment regions of California. The greatest pesticide contributors to ROG/VOCs and NOx in Kern are the neurotoxicant chlorpyrifos and fumigants the most toxic pesticides used in agriculture; and among the most heavily used near schools. Funding is limited to efforts to reduce use of these ozone-emitting pesticides in the Valley part of Kern; and to support local organizing and training to increased capacity and engagement of Kern residents as part of a statewide campaign to reduce fumigants.