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City Of Bakersfield
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Low Emissions Compost System
Kern County Air Pollution Mitigation Fund, 2016
Toxics/Environmental Health and Justice
Central Valley
Kern County
Project Description:

The project helps reduce air emissions in two ways; using electrification of heavy diesel equipment to eliminate NOx and PM emissions; and using a new low emission composting system to eliminate ozone precursor VOCs. First; the project eliminates diesel engine emissions and dust from three types of existing off road heavy equipment by using an electric conveyor system in their place. Second; it reduces VOC emissions from organic materials being composted. The air district determined compost VOCs to be ozone precursors; and therefore established a rule for 19% VOC reduction. The proposed project uses a compost cap as a biofilter to reduce VOCs well beyond the requirement. It is modeled after a very successful Technology Advancement Program project for which the Air District documented a 98% reduction in VOCs from composting. A third benefit; although not in air emissions; is that the new system saves 66% of the water normally used in the existing system.