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Squires Landing Park Restoration
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2017
Water Resources/Watershed Protection
Pacific Northwest
Project Description:

Squire’s Landing Park is a 42-acre undeveloped parcel of land owned by the City of Kenmore located in the lower Swamp Creek drainage at its confluence with the Sammamish River near its outlet into Lake Washington. In 2012, the Washington Department of Ecology found that Swamp Creek violated state and federal water quality standards for dissolved oxygen, pH, and temperature which can be attributed to urbanization in the watershed increasing impervious surfaces and reducing forest cover. This project will increase native plant species diversity, remove invasive blackberry and reed canary grass, improve shade, water filtration, provide both cover and complex edge habitat for rearing juvenile and migrating adult Chinook and coho salmon. In particular, this grant will expand on the 2 acres of Squires Landing Park that have already been restored forming a 50 ft riparian buffer at the confluence of Swamp Creek and the Sammamish river by adding an additional acre on the south bank of Swamp Creek, 50 ft wide and extending 870 ft upstream from the previously planted area.