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Beavers Northwest
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Improving Water Quality Through Non-Lethal Beaver Management
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2018
Project Description:

Funds support an outreach program in King and Snohomish Counties to highlight the importance of beavers and opportunities for non-lethal management. Beavers have long been recognized for their ability to create and maintain vast wetland complexes that result in numerous water quality, habitat and hydrologic benefits, such as increases in riparian vegetation and benthic microbial organisms that sequester pollutants, decreases in erosion and sedimentation, and promotion of groundwater recharge. Since beaver damming can also impact humans by flooding homes, farmland and other infrastructure, landowners and land managers often turn to lethal management: trapping and killing beavers to remove them from the system. To stop the continuation of lethal beaver management, Beavers Northwest is working to advocate for and implement non-lethal solutions to ensure that the ecosystem services provided by beavers are maintained. The outreach supported by this grant will include landowner workshops, presentations at local schools, website enhancements and brochure distribution to highlight cost-share and the water quality benefits that beaver-wetland complexes provide.