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California Straw Building Association
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Just & Resilient Future Fund. Natural Re-Building techniques for health, homes, and livelihoods
Fiscal Sponsorship Grants, 2018
Project Description:

This project will build a movable carbon-sequestering, high-performance, fire-resistant building on a trailer. This building will express cutting-edge ecological design at a small scale, featuring zero net energy design, carbon-sequestering natural building materials, regenerative supply chains, and rainwater catchment. It will be built on a trailer so that it can reach multiple audiences and locations, helping communicate their work to development partners for scaling up, and providing a great opportunity for hands-on workforce training in ecological building. The building will include information on all of the specific building materials and techniques used, and how they can be applied in various types of structures. To complement the physical building, CASBA will create two documents explaining the wider implications of the project: a “carbon portrait” of the building, quantifying how much carbon is sequestered by the materials and how; and a “building ecosystem map” detailing how this kind of building can support local economy and regenerative agriculture through natural supply chains. CASBA will also partner with North Bay Conservation Corps and other job training programs in Sonoma County to use the building process as an opportunity to train youth in ecological building techniques, developing curriculum as a part of the project.