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California Wilderness Coalition
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Making the San Gabriel a Wilder Watershed
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2018
Water Resources/Watershed Protection
Del Norte County ; El Dorado County ; Fresno County ; Humboldt County ; Inyo County ; Los Angeles County ; Madera County ; Mariposa County ; Mendocino County ; Riverside County ; San Bernardino County ; San Luis Obispo County ; Stanislaus County ; Trinity County ; Tulare County ; Tuolumne County ; Ventura County
Project Description:

The recently created San Gabriel Mountains National Monument on the edge of the Los Angeles Basin contains the headwaters of the San Gabriel River watershed as well as thousands of acres of scenic wilderness. The San Gabriel River watershed provides the adjacent urban communities in the Los Angeles Basin with more than 30% of their drinking water. Further, the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument represents more than 70% of the open space in Los Angeles County which has a population of over ten million people. Not only does the San Gabriel Mountains National Monument provide recreational opportunities for the neighboring communities, it is also home to dozens of threatened and endangered fish and wildlife species. This grant will be used by CalWild to continue their advocacy urging the Forest Service to adopt a land management plan that protects water quality in the San Gabriel River watershed while providing recreational access for residents of the Los Angeles Basin. CalWild hopes to work collaboratively with the Forest Service, Watershed Conservation Authority, and the Nature for All coalition in finalizing and implementing the management plan. CalWild will also assist local water agencies along the San Gabriel River on the development of the SWRCB’s suction dredge mining regulations with the goal of ensuring protection of the river’s water quality and habitat for threatened and endangered species. The grant will further allow CalWild to continue its collaboration with the Nature for All coalition and provide the group with important policy guidance towards to the shared goal of protecting, improving, and providing equitable access to public lands in the San Gabriel River watershed. California Wilderness Coalition (CalWild) requests $15,000 in funding from the Rose Foundation Watershed Protection Fund for our work to protect wild places in the upper San Gabriel River watershed. Funding will be used to continue our advocacy with the Forest Service to protect wild places in the San Gabriel Mountains, including the San Gabriel River.