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Center for Digital Democracy
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Promoting Accountability & Transparency in the Use of Digital Ads & Data in Political Campaigns
Consumer Privacy Rights Fund, 2018
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The 2016 U.S. elections marked a critical turning point, when campaign operations across the political spectrum were fully integrated into the Big Data marketing ecosystem that has transformed corporate advertising. Digital marketing advances, including “ad-tech” service providers dedicated to political data targeting, have enhanced the capacities of campaigns to identify, reach, and interact with individual voters. Many of the new campaign practices raise serious issues about privacy, discrimination, manipulation, and lack of transparency. In the absence of effective public education and policy interventions, they will likely become more widespread and sophisticated in the future. This proposed project is designed to educate stakeholders, policy makers, and the press about this critical issue, working with our colleagues in the privacy, consumer, campaign reform, and civil liberties communities to develop a framework for effective action in both the public and private sectors.