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Class Size Matters
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Parent Coalition for Student Privacy: Teacher Toolkit for Student Privacy
Consumer Privacy Rights Fund, 2018
As mentioned above, the reach of this project will be national in scope, as both the Badass Teachers Association and the American Federation of Teachers have chapters, affiliates, and members nationwide. We also expect that the NEA will help with disseminating the toolkit. As Leonie Haimson, the co-chair of the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy and Marla Kilfoyle, the Executive Director of the Badass Teachers Association are located in New York, and are founding members of the coalition NY State Allies for Public Education, we expect the most focused outreach may occur in New York. Leonie was also just selected to be a member of the new Student Data Privacy Advisory Council, established by the NY State Education Department to strengthen the state’s privacy practices and advice to districts. Leonie is also a board member of the Network for Public Education which has over 100, 000 members throughout United States, so this could also help widen our national reach.
Project Description:

The Parent Coalition for Student Privacy, a project of Class Size Matters, plans to partner with the Badass Teachers Association to create and distribute a Teacher Privacy Toolkit, including concrete steps educators can take to ensure that their students’ and their own personal information is not breached or misused. Providing guidance to educators on how to protect their students’ privacy is a need that has been largely unmet. Many teachers are under intense pressure to adopt online apps from private vendors that collect and redisclose large amounts of personal student data. Yet professional development rarely covers the topic of how to ensure that these digital tools have strong privacy and security protections, and there are few resources that focus on the educator audience, leaving teachers at sea when it comes to identifying what is a good privacy policy or best practice. We would like to offer this help.