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Cloud Forest Institute
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Just & Resilient Future Fund. Forest Reciprocity Collective Initiative
Fiscal Sponsorship Grants, 2018
Project Description:

The Forest Reciprocity Collective (FRC) seeks to establish community resilience through mutually beneficial exchanges between land ecology and human activity. FRC is a growing, countywide initiative engaging professionals and county agencies through CFI networking and outreach. FRC members combine legal, environmental, educational, natural building, landscaping and forestry best practices as resources for their community. FRC members have been stewarding their own forests and using harvested poles for building since the 1980’s. Members design and build fire resistant buildings with locally sourced poles harvested from forest lands for fire mitigation. They leave the forest canopy and forest floor in a healthier condition as a result of this practice of selective harvesting to provide building materials for homes, and this work prevents large scale tower fires and enhances water conservation. They are working with land owners to harvest the catastrophic fire fuel load from their forests, then processing poles and building structures, and are in the planning stages of building examples of innovative pole structures in high visibility locations in Mendocino County in three sites designated so far. They will also engage county agencies and the community at large in educational outreach about the full cycle of forest reciprocity via workshops, videos, websites, pamphlets, and cultural events. FRC wants to turn the threat of future fires into an opportunity for forest stewardship, income generation, and cost effective building materials, the heart of forest reciprocity.