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Conservation Action Fund for Education
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Just & Resilient Future Fund. Fire Rebuild & Recovery Education Outreach
Fiscal Sponsorship Grants, 2018
Project Description:

Conservation Action Fund for Education (CAFE) has been a consistent and reliable voice in advocating for environmental and social justice policy and principles. They have used an array of tactics to educate the public, press for needed environmental protections, and ensure a commitment to conservation from regional leadership. In this project, they seek to research, model, and do outreach around policy mechanisms by which burned areas can avoid being redeveloped in the hinterland, helping to alleviate pressure for the rebuild to recreate the problematic development patterns of the past decades. To conduct the project, they will undertake a combination of research, community engagement, public outreach, and work with agencies on policy change. CAFE wants to ensure that new models of development and land protection are in place so that Sonoma County serves as a model for resilient rebuilding in the wake of climate disasters for the rest of the nation and world.