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Daily Acts
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Just & Resilient Future Fund. Creating Just, Resilient Communities by Re-landscaping the Rebuild
Fiscal Sponsorship Grants, 2018
Project Description:

The next year of the rebuild will shape the character and resilience of our fire impacted neighborhoods and communities. With the scale of need, a labor shortage, and many underinsured households, fire survivors are facing significant hurdles to returning to their homes. One major obstacle is having a completed, permit-approved front yard landscape. From the beginning of the post-fire rebuild, Daily Acts has worked in partnership to help reduce some of these barriers to re-entry, collaborating with the Sonoma County Water Agency, the City of Santa Rosa, and local landscape architects to create scalable landscape design templates. Designed for water, fire, and resource resilience, these templates are free to the public and will expedite permit approval while saving thousands of dollars in expense per household. As part of this initial phase, Daily Acts co-hosted community sessions to discuss landscape needs with over 200 fire survivors. The message received was that the process is overwhelming and that there is a real need for resources, support, and on the ground models of these templates. In order to show both residents and builders what is possible and desirable in the rebuild, Daily Acts has secured funding to install 5 front-yard landscapes using the scalable templates. These installations will happen through hands-on community mobilizations and green job training opportunities, with a focus on supporting low-income community members rebuilding in Coffey Park. This grant would move the project beyond the 5 installations: our goal is to provide the outreach, engagement, and call to action required to set the stage for a community-powered approach to install many more new sustainable landscapes. This is a critical step in this re-landscaping project that will involve community organizing, inspirational tours of completed landscapes, workshops on how-to scale templates, and mobilization to spread models and provide support for other community members in need.