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Delridge Neighborhoods Development Association
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Delridge Wetlands and Stewardship Project
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2018
Project Description:

DNDA’s Delridge Wetland Restoration and Stewardship Project was a concept borne during the disposition of surplus properties by the City of Seattle (including sites owned by Seattle City Light) in late 2015. DNDA, a local nonprofit, became interested in acquiring the site to preserve an urban green space. Highly motivated to protect a natural habitat from commercial development, DNDA began seeking funds for acquisition of the site for the purposes of preservation, restoration and education. Simultaneously, we reached out to experts to learn about the potential of the site. We engaged with our neighbors, gaining widespread support, including a partnership with the Louisa Boren K-8 STEM School. We focused on preserving the site as a natural habitat, encouraging stewardship among our neighbors, and restoring the wetland to reduce local flooding. Long-term impacts include improvements in hydrology and water quality entering Longfellow Creek, and maintaining green stormwater infrastructure for the neighborhood. Funding builds on two past Rose Foundation grants supporting engagement of the Delridge community in the preservation and restoration of Longfellow Creek and its natural habitat in a highly urbanized setting that is undergoing tremendous change due to residential development. This Project is designed to slow, cool and pretreat stormwater and substantially reduce and/or prevent pollution from entering nearby waterways, such as the Duwamish River, into which the Creek feeds. Passing through a system of bio-filtration swales, stormwater entering the site will be pretreated prior to entering the wetland. DNDA is constructing this swale system within the boundary of the park which will then be linked to Seattle Department of Transportation’s (SDOT) neighborhood system of bioswales. DNDA is consulting with SDOT and Seattle Pacific University to ensure that the bioswale(s) and culvert are easily accessible for cleaning and other maintenance. In this third phase of the project, DNDA will
• increase community education for greater engagement and stakeholder involvement
• have restoration work parties to remove invasive species, and revegetate mulch areas and native plants
• complete phase 2 design of the Wetlands Park which includes engineering and 80% of construction drawings
• coordinate and plan with SDOT Safe Routes to Schools to increase active transportation
For Delridge, the park is critical to SPU’s ongoing Implementation Strategy 2015-2020, to maximize effects of green stormwater infrastructure and stormwater management. In terms of environmental equity, upon completion the Delridge Wetland Park will alleviate the impact of more severe and frequent flooding on local homeowners, most of whom are historically underserved non-English speakers, people of color, and low-income.