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Project Title:
Sustainable Youth Watershed Internships at Refugio Creek
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2018
Water Resources/Watershed Protection
San Francisco Bay Area
Contra Costa County
Project Description:

With this grant, Earth Team will recruit, fund, and train a team of low-income youth from Hercules High School to restore native habitat, test water quality, and implement a campaign to improve water quality on Refugio Creek, a tributary to San Francisco Bay in West Contra Costa County. The proposed project will have numerous environmental and community benefits including improving water quality, reviving aquatic based fish and wildlife habitats along the creek, and educating both local youth and the wider community about importance of healthy watersheds. After a hands-on education and skills training, the students will conduct restoration and field work to measure water quality, remove invasive plant species, restore native riparian plants, and document trash sources at three sites along Refugio Creek. The students will then help to create an educational campaign directed towards their peers, the local community, and town council. The campaign will focus on reducing litter and other pollutants from reaching stormwater pathways and explain the benefits to Refugio Creek and San Francisco Bay stemming from a healthier creek.