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Friends of Sausal Creek
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Project Title:
Water Quality Improvement and Capacity Building
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2018
Water Resources/Watershed Protection
San Francisco Bay Area
Alameda County
Project Description:

Sausal Creek runs for about three miles through the East Bay hills into San Francisco Bay and has been highly degraded from surrounding urban and industrial land uses. Although some of the creek is undergrounded in culverts, FOSC have been working for over twenty years to help restore numerous daylighted sections and provide stewardship for the watershed. Their work has helped to minimize the impacts of urban stormwater runoff, improved water quality, and restored salmonid habitat. This grant will fund operating expenses for FOSC that will allow staff to implement and update the Rainbow Trout Conservation and Management Plan. The funding will also be used to train additional volunteers to conduct a variety of tasks including, among others, water quality and insect monitoring, invasive vegetation removal, and native plantings. FOSC will continue to increase community awareness and participation of their restoration activities by leading tours and publishing a newsletter. The grant will further allow FOSC to build organizational capacity, identifying and implementing long-term fundraising strategies to maintain a diverse and sustainable funding stream; and to support their community based stewardship, which mobilizes hundreds of volunteers each year in hands on riparian maintenance and restoration.