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Front and Centered
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Project Title:
Engaging Communities of Color on Water Quality Issues
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2018
Project Description:

Front and Centered requests continued funding in order to build upon their efforts over the past year and to increase their scope of impact as follows:
• Building a Collective Vision – 1) work among Front and Centered members to create core principles that will guide their Collective and drive strategies that center equity around water quality; 2) create and formalize partnerships among environmental organizations and leaders around a collaborative effort around addressing water quality in an equitable manner; and 3) develop shared priorities around which they can mobilize including policies, advocacy, education and engagement.
• Centering Equity Around Water – work to develop and implement a policy agenda around addressing water pollution and compromised water quality. Included among the water-related issues which they envision addressing are protections against infiltration of farm runoff into drinking water, the corrosive impact of micro-fibers and micro-plastics in our waters and other urgent needs and emerging priorities that are identified by the Collective.
• Serving as Convener and Action Hub around Puget Sound Water Issues- 1) convene and staffed monthly meetings of the Collective; 2) convene communities of color around emerging policy priorities; 3) do policy research; and 4) coordinate strategy development and implementation, including media and mobilization strategies.
• Continuing to Convene Communities of Color – conduct an additional convenings among communities of color to ensure that their efforts align with the water-related priorities and needs that people are facing.