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Broadband Privacy in California
Consumer Privacy Rights Fund, 2018
Residents of the State of California. Possibly some residual benefits for other states from a pilot model.
Project Description:

We are seeking Rose Foundation support to move ahead statewide broadband privacy protections in 2018 to replace federal privacy protections revoked by the Trump Congress in the spring of 2017. The statewide protections contained in AB 375 emphasize user consent and focus on Internet Service Providers (ISPs) as the repository of the most complete online profiles available. If a legislative solution does not go forward in 2018, CA faces an expensive ballot initiative fight that will loot millions from the state’s economy, when modest philanthropic support for research, preparation and distribution of advocacy materials and a Sacramento hearing may well achieve the same results. User consent is enormously popular and the disappointing 2017 results were directly attributable to an imbalance in resource support to address last minute deceptive industry materials. With more time and adequate support, we expect to be able to move these protections in CA, and model for the rest of the US.