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Consumer Privacy Rights Fund, 2018
Our clients are consumers, nonprofits, technology entrepreneurs, and creators across the United States who need legal services but do not have access to a privacy, intellectual property, or media law attorney. Though we do take on clients outside of California, over 60% of our clients are from California, and well over half of those are from San Diego. Certain state law issues must be referred to partner legal services nonprofits and clinics in those states. Our clients come from throughout the country and our educational resources are visited from around the world.
Project Description:

Founded in 2006, New Media Rights provides preventative, privacy-related legal consultation and educational resources for consumers, nonprofits, and early-stage startups across the country.

This proposal builds on our partnership with California Consumer Protection Foundation, the San Diego Office of Small Business, and our work on the FCC’s Consumer Advisory Committee.

The consultations we provide to projects before they launch has an exponential effect on reducing privacy violations because we can prevent issues *before* they happen– fixing the violations at the source. For example, if we directly assist *1* app developer to implement consumer-friendly privacy policies, then that app’s *10,000* users will be issue-free.

We then publish educational resources based on those consultations.

We have worked on more than 2000 cases, have had 2 million people visit our website, and have created more than 13 hours of educational videos that have been viewed more than 350,000 times.