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OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon
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Environmental Justice for Columbia River-adjacent Communities
Columbia River Fund, 2018
Project Description:

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon is the grassroots-driven hub at the center of our region’s movement for Environmental Justice and Civil Rights, and conveners of the Oregon Just Transition Alliance, a statewide network of Oregon’s frontline communities facing environmental racism, economic exploitation, and climate change.

Through the support of the Rose Foundation, we will convene a Columbia River-focused strategic planning session which will bring together the communities most impacted by degradation of the Columbia River watershed to engage a curriculum exploring Environmental Justice and Just Transition analysis.

Low-income communities, communities of color, rural and tribal populations will be intentionally engaged through this project, centering and uplifting perspectives most often ignored in conversations about environmental quality, and building lasting capacity for environmental leadership among frontline communities living in close contact with the Columbia.

Our community members will have direct access to share their perspectives and suggestions with the Oregon Governor’s Task Force on Environmental Justice, the decision making body with the most ability to make change at the intersection of Columbia River health and community health.