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Reach for Home
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Just & Resilient Future Fund
Fiscal Sponsorship Grants, 2018
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Reach for Home – North Bay Fire Response Assistance. The October fires have left a significant dent in our community. It has greatly impacted the most vulnerable. We already had a shortage in housing stock prior to the fires and it is now at crisis state. Our homeless population has been forced out of camps that were already established, and there is a lot of uncertainty about how we can emotionally support our community who has already been struggling to stay afloat. We believe that bringing financial support to families like the ones in our programs is key to alleviate some of the trauma caused by the fires. Our program allows us to flex our rent subsidy funds to ensure that these families continue to thrive under situations like natural disasters. We have extended our services and subsidy to families so that they can continue their path of stabilization. We provide case management and stability as well as referrals to mental health and medical providers. Reach for Home helps them complete applications and connect them with resources to rebuild their confidence and give them hope that they can rebuild their lives and start a new path to freedom.