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Santa Barbara Channelkeeper
Amount Awarded:
Project Title:
Ventura River Watershed Protection Program
California Watershed Protection Fund, 2018
Water Resources/Watershed Protection
Southern Coast
Ventura County
Project Description:

The grant funds will help implement a cohesive suite of monitoring, education, outreach, advocacy and citizen enforcement strategies to protect and restore water quality, wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities in the Ventura River watershed. Activities will include the Ventura Stream Team citizen science program, which conducts monthly water quality monitoring at 14 sampling sites on the Ventura River and its six tributaries taking measurements of dissolved oxygen, conductivity, pH, temperature, and flow, and collecting and analyzing samples for fecal indicator bacteria, turbidity, and nitrate. The data will be uploaded to the California Environmental Data Exchange Network (CEDEN), the state’s centralized online water quality data portal. Monitoring will also encompass assessment of the impacts of the Thomas Fire that recently ravaged the watershed, including quarterly sampling of river water and sediments at strategic sites to track the accumulation and persistence of heavy metals, and deploy dissolved oxygen sensors in the river in the spring and summer to document harmful algal blooms caused by increases in nutrient concentrations from the fire-impacted areas, as well as stream flow monitoring using in-stream surveys and deploying flow level sensors, which will facilitate a better understanding of the river’s condition and identify specific stretches where pumping may exceed the river’s capacity to help inform the Department of Fish & Wildlife’s ongoing development of in-stream flow requirements. The intended outcomes are a clean, flowing river that provides healthy habitat for fish and wildlife and safe, accessible spaces for education and recreation, and an informed and engaged community that supports and advances the protection and restoration of the Ventura River watershed.