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Sierra Nevada Alliance
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California Watershed Protection Fund, 2018
Creating a Regional Framework for Sierra Watersheds
Project Description:

The Sierra Nevada Alliance’s report State of Sierra Waters 2006 used publicly available data from various state and federal agencies, including US Environmental Protection Agency, US Geological Survey, California State Water Quality Control Board and Nevada Division of Environmental Protection to document that Sierra rivers, lakes and streams are impaired chemically, biologically, and physically. It is time for a reassessment and evaluation of what progress or continued degradation have occurred. Grant funds support Sierra Nevada Alliance activities to update the index with the goal to collect input on how to best measure watershed health and changes across the west slope of the Sierra – which is the main water source for the entire Sacramento River and Delta, how to best share restoration and monitoring methods, and how to move this effort forward with their expanded watershed program work. The activities include:
– Workshop for the re-evaluation of established indicators from the 2006 index report
– Creation of an evaluation plan post Sierra Nevada Alliance’s 2018 annual conference for updating the index publication
– Collecting input on how to best provide Sierra-wide regional watershed coordination and framework for sharing, and access what the gaps and needs are.