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SoCo Music Coalition
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Just & Resilient Future Fund
Fiscal Sponsorship Grants, 2018
Project Description:

Music is Medicine. In the wake of the Sonoma County Fires, SoCo Music Coalition launched the Music is Medicine Program by inviting kids affected by the fires to join our music school free of charge. This program continues, and to date it is self-funded. We had opened our doors on September 1, 2017, just 5 weeks before the fires. As a result of this timing, most community members were not yet aware of our presence. However, via web marketing and walking into service locations all over Sonoma County, we were able to provide lessons and equipment to 6 kids who lost their homes to the fires. In addition to substantially reduced or free tuition, SCMC offers all students free access to our music equipment lending library. This has enabled several kids to participate, as it allows them to start lessons regardless of whether or not their families can afford to buy the instruments and accessories they need. If we receive this grant, we will be able to continue the program for the two students who still need continued support, and add up to 14 more students for three months of lessons each.