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Sonoma County Healers Network
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Just & Resilient Future Fund. Community Healing Sanctuary.
Fiscal Sponsorship Grants, 2018
Project Description:

The Sonoma County Healers Network was created in November of 2016. The purpose of this Network is to create an open and free venue for the healing art practitioners of Sonoma County. The Arlene Francis Center in Santa Rosa hosts the Network’s Community Healing Sanctuary on a monthly basis. The Sanctuary’s purpose is not only to respond to the fires on an acute level, but to do so with longevity as well as integrity, recognizing the long-term effects this type of trauma can have on people and communities as a whole. They feel very passionate about what the Network can offer in regard to long-term support for community members to receive services they typically could not, due to either lack of funds or lack of exposure to traditional healing methods. Their current model does not provide for a consistent stream of practitioners, so they are unable to do any sort of target marketing without the repercussions of long wait times, which directly decrease both practitioner and guest satisfaction. The goal of this project is to increase the number of guests served by 50%, with supportive healing as well as spiritual services. They will do this by securing a regular pool of healing arts practitioners each month and offering them hourly payment for their services.