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Sonoma Ecology Center
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Just & Resilient Future Fund. Resilient Landscaping Technical Assistance Project
Fiscal Sponsorship Grants, 2018
Project Description:

This project will build on the work of Sonoma Ecology Center (SEC) to assist Sonoma Valley landowners following the October 2017 firestorms when 22% of the Sonoma Creek watershed burned. As landowners in Sonoma Valley rebuild their infrastructure and landscapes, there is a unique opportunity to incorporate BMPs for stormwater management and low-water demand landscapes be installed that incorporate native and drought tolerant species that both reduce fire risk and improve habitat and sustainability of our valley. This funding will allow us to continue our work with firestorm affected landowners in Sonoma Valley to rebuild with fire-smart landscapes that will conserve water and help restore groundwater and streamflow in Sonoma Creek to assist with improve upland and in-stream wildlife habitat. We are currently funded to implement our NeWTs program in a few priority areas in Sonoma Valley in different communities, including agricultural communities and low-income neighborhoods in the Springs. We would like to expand that program to work with fire-affected landowners and provide technical support to them as they rebuild their structures and landscapes to encourage fire safe rebuilding that is also water-wise and wildlife friendly. This project will provide outreach and technical assistance to landowners rebuilding their homes that burned in the October 2017 firestorms to help them design landscapes that conserve water, and increase groundwater and streamflow to provide habitat to Sonoma Valley’s steelhead streams and other groundwater dependent ecosystems.