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Sound Salmon Solutions
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Youth Exploring Stream Science
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2018
Project Description:

Youth Exploring Stream Science (YESS) engages youth in court-mandated diversion programs in meaningful experiences in watershed science. Sound Salmon Solutions (SSS) is currently in a pilot year of the YESS program and is seeking funding to further provide these youth with experiences in citizen science water quality monitoring and riparian habitat restoration along Jones Creek in Marysville, Washington. The Jones Creek site is bound by dense residential housing to the north, east and south. To the west, Jones Creek flows downstream through an intact greenbelt, reconstructed stream channels, and into the Qwuloolt estuary, discharging into the Snohomish River at Ebey Slough. This project would aim to address water quality issues on this site through restoration activities to reduce water temperature, increase dissolved oxygen, reduce fecal coliform and bacteria inputs, and improve salmon habitat. YESS students will have ownership over 1/2 acre of this site so that they may see the cumulative impact of their restoration activities. In addition to restoring habitat, YESS students will be gaining positive community connections, fostering confidence and career skills through engagement in water quality education and water quality monitoring, and through empowering students to engage their community in the stewardship of their local waterbodies for the health of humans and wildlife.