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Stillwaters Environmental Center
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Carpenter Creek Estuary Restoration, Research and Monitoring Program
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2018
Project Description:

This model restoration project in Central Puget Sound protects and restores over 30 acres of high quality estuarine habitat in this crucial Puget Sound location for migrating salmonids. Our estuary is one of the last refuges before the salmon head north into the Strait.

The MONITORING PROGRAM of the restoration project is critical to evaluation of the project effectiveness and in creating a reference site for restoration elsewhere around the Sound. We engage citizen-scientists and professionals, all volunteers, to conduct monitoring and research in the watershed on 20+ different parameters.

A MODEL FOR OTHERS: In 2018, we are focusing on documenting our procedures and protocol for our citizen-based monitoring program. When we started the salt marsh monitoring, we had no reference sites to access for protocol or comparison. We see a big need to be a reference for other restoration of marshes around the Sound, especially citizen-based projects.

RESEARCH AND EDUCATION: We use this restoration program to educate interns and graduate research students from Western Washington University, from the University of Washington, and other universities. We also educate local citizens on the importance of watershed protection at a community and at an individual level. We offer field trip sites for the local schools from pre-school to college.