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Toxic Free Future
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Not So PFASt! Protecting Puget Sound from PFAS Chemicals in Firefighting Foam
Puget Sound Stewardship and Mitigation Fund, 2018
Project Description:

Toxic-Free Future (TFF) is taking great strides in leveraging the breakthrough we achieved in Washington in 2018 on restricting PFAS chemicals in firefighting foam. Our goal is to stop this highly toxic and highly persistent class of chemicals from becoming the next legacy contaminant in Puget Sound.

PFAS chemicals (PFCs or Teflon chemicals) are highly persistent, cancer-causing chemicals used for their stain- and water-resistant properties in a wide variety of consumer products and industrial applications. PFAS chemicals contaminate Puget Sound waters, sediments and freshwater fish as well as marine mammals and wildlife all over the globe. PFAS-containing firefighting foam has been identified as a major source of PFAS contamination in the Puget Sound region. Getting PFAS out of firefighting foam will cut off a significant source of these chemicals to Puget Sound.

TFF is uniquely positioned with strong relationships in the firefighting community to accelerate the transition of fire services in the Puget Sound region to PFAS-free foams. Because firefighters experience higher rates of cancer than the general population they are highly concerned about the toxics such as PFAS that they are exposed to on the job. But firefighters also understand how PFAS contaminates the environment when released during training and firefighting, therefore they have emerged as strong partners in the fight against PFAS. TFF is already engaging major fire services in the Puget Sound region in launching the switch to PFSA-free foams.

Over the next year, TFF will support fire services in the Puget Sound region in their transition to PFAS-free firefighting foams, assess PFAS-free alternative foams, and leverage growing public concern around PFAS chemicals. We would truly value Rose Foundation’s partnership on the ground level of this crucial work to keep PFAS from becoming the next legacy contaminant for Puget Sound through a grant of $25,000 for “Not So PFASt!”.