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Internet-Connected Toys and Childhood Privacy Protection Project
Consumer Privacy Rights Fund, 2018
This project will have an impact on children and consumers nationwide. We are planning a nationwide release of our annual “Trouble in Toyland” report, which is regularly reported on by both local and national news outlets. We report our findings each year to regulatory boards, including the Consumer Products Safety Commission, in order to ensure that they are aware of safety and privacy threats and can make nationwide regulation recommendations.
Project Description:

In our increasingly connected world, we are constantly weighing how to protect our privacy and identities while plugged into the Internet of Things (IoT), our vast network of internet-connected devices. IoT toys have the ability to gather data and personal information, making them targets for hacking and leaving children particularly vulnerable to privacy threats. Many parents aren’t aware of the risks of “smart” toys, and simply don’t know how to protect their children’s privacy while using these devices. This year we are beginning to publicize the dangers of IoT toys and equip consumers with tools to identify and safely use these toys. In 2018, we will expand further upon the issue of “smart” toys in our 33rd annual “Trouble in Toyland” report, produce consumer tipsheets, raise the profile of the issue through media coverage, and use targeted advertisements, social media outreach and email campaigns to educate a broad base of consumers about the risks of internet-connected toys.