2012 Convening

California Environmental Grassroots Fund
California Wildlands Grassroots Fund

2012 Grassroots Grantee Convening

October 19, 2012
Berkeley City Club


Videos and Handouts | Convening Report

Video and Handouts


Reality Grantmaking
Our panel of veteran funders candidly reviewed proposals, submitted by the audience, live and in person. It was a frank discussion of grantseeking Do’s and Dont’s. Wild Equity Institute won the $1,000 general support grant for their proposal on preventing 5 new power plants in Contra Costa County.

Cristina Kenney, Hewlett Foundation
Cathy Lerza, California Wildlands Grassroots Fund
Francesca Vietor, The San Francisco Foundation
Karla James, California Environmental Grassroots Fund
Facilitated by Tim Little, Rose Foundation
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Reality Grantmaking Finalists

Concurrent Workshops

Writing Donor Appeal Letters That Are…Appealing!
Appeal letters offer the opportunity to build/maintain relationships with community members and encourage the attitude that everyone can contribute. In this interactive and practical workshop, we identified the purposes, priorities, and intended readers of your appeal letter; checked out some great (and not-so-great) examples; and discussed the writing techniques used.
Presenter: Dalya Massachi, author of Writing to Make a Difference: 25 Powerful Techniques to Boost Your Community Impact
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Writing Donor Appeals
Dalya’s Powerpoint
Writing Workout

ng the Impact of Your Online Communications
Many nonprofits find it confusing to coordinate organizational messages and campaigns across social media outlets, blogs, and other communications channels. We went over basic processes that can help drive your messages online as well as listen to where your organization and issues are being mentioned. This workshop provided a framework to help you figure out which communications channels will be most effective in accomplishing your organizational goals.
Presenter: Misty Avila and Jessica Steimer, Aspirations
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Increasing Online Impact
Publishing Matrix
Listening Dashboard
Adding A Feed To Netvibes

Raising Money From Major Donors With
Gusto in Challenging Times (asking people for money face-to-face and over the phone)
Join Marjorie Fine, noted grantmaker and fundraiser and your colleagues for some learning, sharing, discussion and cheer-leading on finding the pleasure and excitement in fundraising – even and especially in tough economic times. We explored attitude adjustments about money, where to find hidden major donors, fear of asking for money, what goes into the donor visit and other fundraising issues.
Presenter: Marjorie Fine, The Linchpin Campaign
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Raising Money Worksheet
Donor Roleplay
Untapped: How Community Organizers Can Develop and Deepen Relationships with Major Donors and Raise Big Money
Untapped, Donantes Aún Sin Contactar (Español)

Ask the Experts: Fast-paced Q&A with the workshop presenters.

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Convening Report


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