2014 Convening


Presented by Institute for Conservation Leadership

October 24, 2014 | 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

David Brower Center
2150 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA 94704

For Grantees of the
California Wildlands Grassroots Fund,
California Environmental Grassroots Fund
and Community Leadership Project
at Rose Foundation for Communities and the Environment



Our goals are for all our grantees to:

  • Learn how to approach fundraising strategically as organizers, activists, and organization-builders
  • Connect with colleagues throughout California
  • Build energy, have fun, and leave with a fundraising game plan for your organization


9:00 AM Registration and Breakfast

9:30 AM Welcome and Introductions

  • Fundraising = Organizing and Activism: How do we shift out thinking so that fundraising reinforces issue organizing and growing our organizations?
  • Fundraising Readinesss: How ready is your organization? Identifying conditions for creating an effective and efficient fundraising strategy.
  • Fundraising Reasons: What is your organization’s case for support?
  • Methods and Goals: What works best for groups like ours? What should we pursue next? How can we measure fundraising progress and success?

12:30 PM Lunch

1:00 PM Peer Networking or Yoga (BYOYM – Bring your own Yoga Mat) led by Maryam Sharifzadeh at Office Yoga SF


1:30 PM Presentations & Discussions

  • Fundraising on a Shoestring: How can we raise money when we don’t have the money to raise money?
  • A Pause in the Day: Where is the time for restoration, renewal, and response to burnout?
  • Swap Meet (Peer Learning) on Special Topics: What works for all-volunteer groups? For organizations working in rural areas? Low-income communities? Regions where progressives and environmental activists are in the minority?
  • Fundraising Action Planning and Peer Review: What does the work look like? Next action steps. How can I take this work back to my organization?

4:45 PM Evaluation and Closing

5:00 PM Peer Networking Reception


The Bucks Start Here

Six Important Questions

Case for Support

Fundraising Methods

Action Plan

Online Fundraising

Grassroots Convening Swap Meet Notes 2014


Click here to watch videos from the 2014 Grassroots Convening!

2014 Convening Report

Click here to download the 2014 Grassroots Convening Report

About Institute for Conservation Leadership

The Institute for Conservation Leadership’s mission is to strengthen leaders, organizations, and network or coalitions that protect the Earth. During the Institute’s 24-year history, they have assisted thousands of environmental and conservation organizations with organizational and leadership development needs. Their goal is to help organizations increase their effectiveness and impact through high-quality tailored planning, workshops, distance learning, coaching, facilitation, evaluation, and research.

About the Trainers

Amy Kincaid, Institute for Conservation Leadership Senior Associate, has 20 years of experience in organizational development, professional training and facilitation, and fundraising. She has secured over $67 million for nonprofit organizations. From 1998 to 2014, she assisted nonprofits, social enterprises, and socially-responsible companies as the principal consultant for ChangeMatters, which in 2011 became the country’s first Benefit LLC, a new legal designation for service businesses committed to balancing people, planet, and profit. Having led, fumbled, and survived numerous nonprofits in transition, she understands the real-life pressures in medium-sized and small social purpose organizations undergoing startup, turnaround, and major growth. Amy has presented hundreds of times to professionals and community leaders on fundraising, grantseeking, major gifts, strategic planning, impact evaluation, and organizational development. She also teaches Writing for Social Entrepreneurship at University of Maryland and serves on the board of Pyramid Atlantic Art Center in Silver Spring, Maryland.

Peter Lane is director of programs at the Institute for Conservation Leadership. His work includes assessing the capacity-building needs of organizations, and managing the planning and delivery of leadership programs, workshops, consultation, and other technical assistance projects. In addition, Peter is an instructor for ICL’s Leading from Within, a 5-month leadership development program. Peter also facilitates strategic planning processes and retreats, and has led workshops on organizational change, board development, organizational assessment and benchmarking, fundraising, volunteer management and leadership development. Peter has over twenty years of experience working with a variety of nonprofit organizations throughout the Washington, DC area. He was also a Peace Corps volunteer in the Congo. He holds a B.A. from Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts and a M.Ed. from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.


Maryam Sharifzadeh teaches very energetic and playful yoga classes for companies in office and for special events. She focuses on the employee “hot spots” which include lower back, neck, shoulders and chest. The basis of her movement is to counter the seated position that people are in for most of the day. Maryam studies yoga in San Francisco under Rusty Wells and Stephanie Snyder. She is creative and curious by nature, using different props and furniture around the office to spice up the class.

Maryam graduated with her Masters in Sport Management from USF. Shortly after graduate school she began working as a wellness coordinator at UC Berkeley helping faculty and staff make healthy behavior change. During this time, Maryam witnessed the true benefits of making exercise easy and convenient for people at work. Maryam draws her inspiration from her work at UC Berkeley to offer Office Yoga here in San Francisco.


Daniel Barth/Crescendo Videography
For the past ten years videographer Daniel Barth, has created documentary films, recorded classical music performance and filmed conferences throughout California. Visit at www.video.onolai.org.

Liliana, Interpretation and Translation
Liliana Herrera’s commitment to social justice, prominently as a language access advocate, has helped hone her skills as interpreter and translator while in collaboration with numerous community organizations throughout the Bay Area and across the state during the last 13 years. In addition to providing interpretation and translation services to community organizations, agencies, foundations, unions, etc., she also endeavors in cultural work. As a singer of song in many idioms, Liliana has performed with several bay area groups, and across the country, ranging from picket lines to musical theater, as well as a bilingual voice over artist.

Viviana Rennella, Interpretation
Viviana Rennella has been working professionally as an interpreter and translator for the past 12 years. She is a graduate of the Legal/Court Interpreting Program from San Francisco State University. She has provided interpretation and translation for INS asylum interviews, legal proceedings, and has applied her 20 years of experience organizing with immigrant communities to coordinate language access for a wide range of trainings and conferences with community based organizations. Viviana has been a member of the international network Babels that provided interpreting for the World Social Forums in Venezuela and Brazil and is a founding member of the Language Justice Working Group that provided the logistical coordination for language access at the US Social Forums in Atlanta and Detroit.

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