Apply for Training Scholarships

Grassroots Fund grantees from the Northern California Environmental Grassroots Fund are encouraged to increase their effectiveness by expanding their organizational and administrative skill through a training scholarship program. Please review the following information before applying for a scholarship.

About Training Scholarships

The Grassroots Fund’s Training Scholarship Program provides scholarships to help Grassroots Fund grantees attend trainings to develop organizational skills such as fundraising, bookkeeping, communications, board development, personnel management, computer skills and IRS 501(c)(3) issues like lobbying.  All grantees of the Grassroots Fund are eligible.  We hope that boosting your group’s “back office” capacity will help you achieve greater success in all your programs.

Any grantee organization is eligible to receive up to $300 of training scholarships per year.  The scholarships cover 80% of the registration costs of the training, and require a 20% match from the grantee.  (For example, if the training cost is $100, the Grassroots Fund would pay $80 and the grantee would pay $20.) Approval of the scholarship request is automatic for all grantees up to the $300 per year cap. Additionally, those traveling more than 75 miles round trip to attend a training will receive a modest travel stipend.

A grantee can send more than one person to a training, or send a representative to multiple trainings, but the most that will be awarded to any one group is $300 per year, not including travel reimbursements.  Being awarded a scholarship does not change your group’s eligibility for regular grants from the Grassroots Fund.

We hope that you will be able to take advantage of the training scholarship program. Please feel free to contact us  if you have any questions. And, please give us feedback about how well the program works, or does not work, for you.  Telling us about your experiences will help us improve the program to make it better for everyone.

Check Eligibility for Training Scholarships

Click here to review eligibility for training scholarships.

Deadlines for Training Scholarships

There is no deadline, but we must receive your application 14 days prior to the training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before applying for a training scholarship, please read these Frequently Asked Questions which explains deadlines, what types of trainings are in-bounds, who is eligible for a travel reimbursement, and more.

Training Resources

When applying for a training scholarship, you can use this list of training providers as a resource. They provide workshops in nonprofit management, fundraising assistance and much more. Training scholarships are not limited to this list of providers. Check for classes at your local community colleges and adult education schools.

Complete the Training Scholarship Application

  • Fill out a web form, click here.  If you are unfamiliar with our online system, contact us for assistance.
  • Or you may download and fill out the one-page application, click here. Fax, email or mail the application to us at least 14 days before the training that you want to attend. The application is in Microsoft Word. If you need the application in a different format, please contact us.

What Happens Next?

The Grassroots Fund will send a check made out to the grantee organization (or fiscal sponsor) in 2 weeks or less. This check will include travel reimbursements if applicable.

You are responsible for enrolling in the training with the training provider directly (don’t send any training registration forms to us).

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