Invest in the Future of Grassroots Leaders By Jasmine Amons

In 2009 Amanda Thibodeau was an intern at Sierra Harvest (formerly Living Lands Agrarian Network), a sustainable agriculture nonprofit in Nevada City, California. Amanda’s internship was paid for by a grant from the Northern California Environmental Grassroots Fund.

The next year, Amanda applied for – and received – a $4,000 Grassroots Fund grant to launch the Food Love Project, an educational farm providing community, nutrition education, and food security to Nevada City youth.

Today, Sierra Harvest serves about 6,500 children each year, hosting farm field trips, school produce stands, classroom visits, and monthly tastings for K-8 school children.

All of this success can be traced back to that first Grassroots Fund grant.

Sierra Harvest Amanda T.

“I’m personally quite indebted to Rose Foundation,” Amanda says. “Having an organization invest in an idea when it hasn’t yet become something feels like an act of faith. It was beyond monetary. We wouldn’t have been able to start where we were without it.”

Every year the Grassroots Fund supports at least 60 community groups throughout Northern California, but we need your help in order to continue building the base of the environmental movement. Donate today to lift community voices and support grassroots leaders like Amanda.

Thank you!

– Jasmine Amons
Grassroots Fund Coordinator


P.S. Your donation to the Grassroots Fund supports activists tackling today’s most pressing problems like equity, pollution, and food and water security. Our grantees need your help in order to achieve real wins for California communities. Please give today!
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