May 2021 E-News "When we are persistent, people in power start to listen."

May E-News

When we are persistent in our duty to improve our environment,
people in power start to listen.

— Parker, New Voices Are Rising Fellow

This month’s E-News is full of stories from the grassroots. Check it out to hear how Parker, New Voices East Oakland Air Quality Fellow, is persistent in her duty to protect her communities’ air quality; learn about how Rose is ushering in a climate resilient future with $3 million of new funding for Placer County; read about Marily Woodhouse and her organization Battle Creek Alliance are fighting for the local watershed and forests like their lives depend on it; find out how New Voices Youth Coordinator Mars found her true self in nature and why she is dedicated to advancing environmental justice; and more!

Read the full E-News here.

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