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In Memoriam – Denny Larson

On March 6, 2019, we lost Denny Larson – a friend, a teacher, a Rose Foundation grantee and funder, and a tireless partner in helping fenceline communities across our shrinking planet to demand environmental justice.

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Anthony Grassroots Past Winner Spotlight Celebrating 2017 Winner Regina Chichizola

It takes a village to build a strong movement, but there is always one leader who goes above and beyond for their cause. One such person is our 2017 Anthony Grassroots Prize winner Regina Chichizola for her dedication to protecting the California watersheds.

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February E-News

The New Voices Just Breathing air quality monitoring project at Coliseum College Prep Academy has come to a close, with data that reported alarming levels of particulate matter in the school auditorium. Click to read more on this story and the future of environmental restoration.

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Nominate Your Grassroots Hero to Win an Award on Earth Day! Anthony Grassroots Prize 2019

Who inspires you to fight for a just, sustainable future? If somebody you know comes to mind, now is the perfect opportunity to nominate a champion of grassroots environmental activism for the 2019 Anthony Grassroots Prize!

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Cultivando Las Bases

Las voces de las personas más afectadas por la contaminación no siempre son las que se escuchan o se consideran cuando los responsables de la toma de decisiones gubernamentales o corporativas escriben las políticas que afectan la vida cotidiana de los miembros de la comunidad.

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New Year! New Funds! New Voices! Jan 2019 E-News

A new year is a time for celebration with friends and family, as well as a time to reflect and make plans for the year to come. A lot can happen in a year and we plan to make the most of it!

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Donate Now to Defend the Forests, Plant the Seeds, and Build our Communities for the Next 25 Years

When you think about what it takes to demand clean water and air, to preserve our children’s future, and to protect wild places that nourish us and our planet – do you open your hand or clench your fist?

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Defending the Forest and Planting the Seeds Dec 2018 E-News

Dec 2018 E-News – A note from Jill & Tim; NV spearheads West Oakland tree mapping; Guest Feature by Harbor WildWatch and more!

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Growing the Grassroots and Hearing New Voices FALL 2018 PRINT NEWSLETTER

2018 Fall Print Newsletter; celebrating 25 years of defending the forest, planting the seeds and building community.

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Los Angeles Community Water Justice Grants Program

We Are Excited to Announce the Launch of the Los Angeles Community Water Justice Grants Program!

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