Nominate Your Grassroots Hero to Win an Award on Earth Day! Anthony Grassroots Prize 2019

Who inspires you to fight for a just, sustainable future?

If somebody you know comes to mind, now is the perfect opportunity to nominate a champion of grassroots environmental activism for the 2019 Anthony Grassroots Prize!

The Anthony Grassroots Prize is a $1,000 cash award recognizing outstanding achievement in the field of grassroots environmental activism.

Nominations are due March 22, 2019. The Prize Winner will be announced on Earth Day, April 22, 2019.

Prize winners receive public recognition for their work and a $1,000 cash award. Either an individual or an organization from California can win the Prize, although the cash award is only given to an organization. If an individual is the winner, they can designate a grassroots environmental organization to receive the prize money. Please click here for nomination instructions and complete eligibility criteria.

We look forward to hearing about your grassroots heroes!

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