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Pa Dwe Sierra Club Award

Pa Dwe accepts an award on behalf of New Voices Are Rising at the Sierra Club SF Bay Chapter’s 2015 Dinner.

Pa Dwe is from Burma. Before coming to the United States, Pa lived in Mae La, a refugee camp in Thailand. His early childhood was full of tall, looming trees that provided relief from the scalding sun.

When Pa came to Oakland, it was like arriving in a different world – one entirely made of concrete and pollution.

“In Burma, the freedom I looked for was to be away from war,” Pa says. “Here, the freedom I look for is to be healthy.”

Pa is working with New Voices Are Rising to get more people involved in environmental activism. “Mother Nature needs to be protected,” he explains. “But most importantly, we need to protect the people that are most affected by climate change, which are low-income residents of West and East Oakland.”

Pa needs your help to protect his community from the effects of pollution and climate change.

Donate today to support Pa and our New Voices Are Rising youth leaders in advocating for a healthier, cleaner Oakland.

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P.S. Supporters like you make our New Voices Are Rising Fellowship Program possible. Every year we recruit a small cohort of high school students to undertake an environmental justice project. This work would not be possible without your support!
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