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Nate is from South Lyon, a suburb outside of Detroit. Nate grew up surrounded by lakes and forests and cultivated a close relationship with nature. Environmental issues like pollution weren’t much of a concern.

Nate HendersonBut halfway through his high school years, Nate suddenly found himself living in Oakland, California. One of his first memories of Oakland is of closing the window and noticing soot on the sill. “I became alarmed and directly affected,” Nate said. “I realized why I was here.”

Nate is a New Voices Are Rising Fellow and will soon join a cohort of 15 other students for our Summer Climate Justice Leadership Academy. This summer, Nate will continue to develop his knowledge about environmental issues affecting Oakland residents, like climate change, resiliency, food justice, and more.

But Nate needs your help. We need to raise $15,000 by June 27th to support our youth leaders during the Climate Justice Leadership Academy this summer.

Donate today and support Nate and our New Voices Are Rising youth leaders as they work to make Oakland healthier for all!


Jill Ratner
New Voices Are Rising Program Director

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